Messaging, Pitch Decks

The art of turning your ideas into messaging that convinces people to hand over their money to you (or at least to begin the conversation).

  • Innoven / Xcimer Energy

    No deck available due to an NDA and propriety processes described therein. I helped Conner with messaging and a deck earlier on in the process, they have since received DoD funding and are now planning to build their first fusion facility.

    Link to YouTube Video 
  • Beautiful Organic

    An early version of a pitch deck, John and I are currently shopping around for a fractional CEO. The deck and concept are based on 20 years of work in the handmade furniture industry.

    Link to Deck 
  • Infinite Chorus Nonprofit

    Infinite Chorus has an educational mission, sharing information on ancient methods and best practices related to ancestral wellness and health, time-tested methods of community building, historically effective methods of food production, and ancient meditation practices.

    Link to Deck 
  • Bright Light Ventures

    Bright Light Ventures works with creative founders with a desire to shine brightly in the world, through their mission-based organizations. The deck shared below is a partial deck, in development for Phase II of the project later in the year. 

    Link to BLV Deck 
  • Additional Decks

    If you'd like help turning a word cloud of an idea into practical, effective messaging -- please drop me a note. The photo above and the header photo are from Alice Riot, another project where I helped with messaging (and also web design + digital advertising).

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