Meliora Meditation

Meliora is an advanced meditation technology.

It is a process of self-improvement designed to help clarify your dreams and goals, and optimize/improve your life.

Meliora is Latin for 'always better'.

What Are the Benefits of Meliora Meditation?

Meliora Meditation is offered in the form of an online class, self-taught and self-administered. It can be easily learned and practiced, requiring 10 hours of time over 2 months (two meditations per week).
There are three primary benefits, as reported through 10 years of development and beta testing:
1. Clarifying and maturing your thoughts and emotions. 
If you’ve already ‘done the work’ you may notice less of an effect.
If you have not ‘done the work’ then you should see marked improvements within 1-2 months.
2. Motivation. 
You should feel more self-motivation to do the things you’ve been talking about doing for years, and work steadily towards your goals. 
3. Reifying your dreams.
During the first month of this class, we will be working on a visual representation of your goals and dreams. This can take the form of a dream board, a drawing, an essay, a poem, or all of the above. Something you can pin to your wall and look at several times per day as a visual reminder. 
During month two, you will be using Meliora Meditation to reify those dreams and goals to help make them a reality. You should expect to see these dreams and goals become manifest in ways that seem both synchronous and happily coincidental. 
While Meliora Meditation has similarities to Reiki and Transcendental Meditation, 10 years of beta testing and iteration has shown Meliora to be much more effective. Meliora has proben itself to be a ‘next level’ technology. 

Spirituality (woo)

What I've discovered along my extensive self-healing journey is that while 99% of spirituality is nonsense, the 1% that is legit is what brings meaning to our lives.
My view is that each of us has a beautiful song in our hearts, an individual song matched with a gift for evoking it into the world.
The way to awaken this song lies in the alteration or removal of all internal barriers through actions of self-analysis, self-improvement, and evolved expressions of creative free will. 
Through self-overcoming.
“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. 
Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating, as possibility!” - Soren Kierkegaard’s ‘Either/Or: A Fragment of Life’ 
The world is not as mundane as hard science or social science describes. The world is alive with meaning and potential.
Meaning and potential which arises from a loveborne, determined heart.
Meliora Meditation is designed to help you to re-connect with your divine song, via use of an ancient Judaic meditation technology that's been updated and adapted for the modern world.

Life in the Dark Age of Stupid

It’s not difficult to see how screwed up the world is, but most people deny it in every way possible. 
Why? Various reasons. Mostly an inability to process that much of the fault is theirs. 
It goes beyond paying taxes that support stupid things, and voting for the evil of two lessers. It extends to every personal life decision. 
What do you focus your time, attention and money on? What are you working on? That is the world you are helping to reify. 
Do you want to live in a world of honor, integrity, creativity and beauty? Then act as if. It doesn’t matter what the dude next to you is doing. 
We’ve been indoctrinated from an early age into accepting that’s it's just the way things are. Pick your favorite vainglorious psychopath, overlook their glaring character flaws, and aspire to someday be just like them. 

Fuck that nonsense.


If you don't like the state of the world, the place to begin is where you can have the most impact -- your own inner character.
The most revolutionary act isn’t political dissent, or battles in the public square over culture.
The most revolutionary act is maintaining a strong faith and/or ethics in a world that rewards and celebrates the opposite. 
The most powerful revolution is always internal. 
No one can destroy your core of moral and ethical decency, only you can do that to yourself.  

There Are Two Roads: Pick One

If you desire to self-improve yourself and your own life:
1) You can spend countless hours listening to self-help experts talk about ‘abundance mentality’, read all about flow training and how the top athletes perform, consult with the ‘best in the business’, and become an expert at manifesting through the chakras. 
2) Or you can purchase a copy of Meliora Meditation, practice it for 10 hours over 2 months, and then focus on the living acting and doing part.
Meliora Meditation has been designed to kickstart and rapidly speed up the process of self-improvement, to help you to reconnect with the divine song/dream in your heart.
Abundance, flow, all of those cool buzzwords -- those are secondary effects that have been reported by hundreds of beta testers.
Mostly what they love to talk about is their newfound/amplified joy, meaning, clarity, purpose and focus.

Meliora 8-Week Class, Chapter Titles

Always Better

Your Dreams and Goals

The Miasma of Psychotherapy

The Trap of Stoicism

Art, Creativity and Living Lives of Magnificence

The Numinous Beauty of the World

Revanchism, Anger, the Emotions of Living in Filth

Escaping the Ego Box

Development of Meliora Meditation

Belinda Ortiz began work on Meliora Meditation over 30 years ago, as she traveled the world studying with a wide variety of spiritual teachers including 3 years studying with a Rabbi in Jerusalem. She has always been deeply interested in the practical, tangible aspects of spirituality.
We began working on Meliora Meditation together 10 years ago, optimizing the process via extensive beta testing. We held over 40 small-scale classes in the United States, European Union and Mexico and eventually learned how to 'teach the class remotely' and retain full effectiveness.
Meliora Meditation draws from a variety of spiritual and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) practices, and is intended to be platform neutral in terms of faith and belief systems.
In terms of metaphysics (woo), Meliora is firmly grounded in Judeo-Christian philosophy and scripture. We have also incorporated Shinto and Buddhist concepts, seeking to keep Meliora as something that people of all faiths (or lack of faith) feel comfortable practicing.
We view Meliora Meditation as a technology, not as a spiritual discipline.
The Meliora design philosophy is that you are the best person to define your own path to self-healing, to self-improvement, the path to your dreams. Meliora provides the technology and framework.