Internet Marketing

The art of turning dollars into more dollars, via a replicable revenue formula.

  • Competitive Market Research

    Every project begins with studying potential competitors in terms of their products, customer audience, and how easy or difficult it might be to compete with them for customers through online marketing. I've been doing this process of research and analysis for over 20 years.

  • Ecommerce and the Art of Acquiring Cost-Effective Website Traffic

    What's the best way to monetize your project? Many times it's through online advertising, but there are other methods such as affiliate marketing (like the ads you see on YouTube for VPNs). The best mix depends on your project and goals.

  • Data Analysis and Optimization

    I understand ads, audiences, conversions, and have over 20 years of experience in optimizing ROI on marketing spend -- whether that's SEO,  PPC or Meta ads. The key to this is in-depth data analysis, A/B testing and content optimization.

  • Digital Advertising

    I specialize in ecommerce and lead generation, both of which are measurable and can be tied back into an optimization process. This starts with understanding the audience, researching their primary keywords, and then designing an SEO and/or PPC campaign based on their goals.

  • Website Design

    I’ve been designing business websites since the Gopher and FTP client days, I specialize in ecommerce. Shopify is my preferred platform, but I’ve worked on dozens over the years including hand coding with HTML/CSS.

  • Logistics and Dropshipping

    I have experience with some of the most difficult lostigistcs and delierives possible, picking up handmade bulky furniture from rural Minnesota and hand-delivering it all across the USA and Canada with a 99%+ satsifaction rate. Your logistics challenges probably won't be as complex as this!

  • Messaging and Content

    I can write in a variety of styles, ranging from ad copy to professional/legal writing with citations. I specialize in evergreen content that helps to define the core message and core value proposition to potential customers.

  • Pitch Decks, Fundraising

    The key to any organizaiton, whether for-profit or nonprofit, is revenue to fund operations.

    I have successfully drafted both nonprofit and for-profit funding pitches.

  • Educational CV

    BS in History / Political Science from Hamline University, with a focus on research into 20th century economic nationalism. Graduate studies/classes towards a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree.