• #1 Please Describe Your Problem.

    I’m an ethical, experienced Internet Marketer. In practical terms that means I’m skilled at helping people to make more money online, generate more sales leads, and refine messaging.  It also means that I understand ROI and how to ‘talk business’.

  • #2 Please Let Me Know, What Have You Tried So Far?

    I’m happy to offer (limited) free advice. If it’s something I can help with, perhaps we can start out with a small project and see how well we work together.

  • #3 And Lastly, What is Your Goal?

    I’m very focused and committed to my goals, easy to work with, German-Minnesotan sense of efficiency and work ethic. My goal with every project is to help you earn more profit than you spent on me.

Erik (at) erik schimek (com) or send me a message via the form below.