Erik Schimek

I've successfully worked with a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits, specializing in solving problems by applying a large and varied toolset acquired over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience.
Projects have ranged from managing political campaigns and conferences, pitch deck and messaging Silicon Valley startups, and helping an Amish community to maintain their way of life in the age of modernity.
  • Entrepreneuring Since Age 15

    At age 15 I built my own computer from spare parts, installed OS/2 and started designing commercial and political messaging websites as soon as the internet became a thing.
    I learned website design and internet marketing DIY, as there were no schools or mentors available at the time.
  • Politics and Education

    After college, I was a schoolteacher for 3 years and turned a failing distance-learning program into something that helped a lot of student and also generated a net profit for the school district.
    I also worked extensively in politics, including managing a highly credible statewide political campaign for the Minnesota Green Party and a legal conference for the National Lawyer's Guild.
  • Ecommerce and Revenue Optimization

    I've worked on a wide variety of ecommerce projects, driving tens of millions of dollars of profitable revenue to businesses and nonprofits.