Internet Marketing

The art of turning dollars into more dollars. Done via careful study of the competitive marketplace, and by testing/iterating on audience and messaging until a winning ROI formula emerges.

3x successful bootstrap entrepreneur. 20 years ecommerce experience including digital ads, SEO, website design, conversion optimization, customer journey tracking, business management.

  • Competitive Market Research

    Every project begins with studying potential competitors in terms of their products, customer audience, and how easy or difficult it might be to compete with them for customers through online marketing. I've been doing this process of research and analysis for over 20 years.

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  • Ecommerce and the Art of Acquiring Cost-Effective Website Traffic

    What's the best way to monetize your project? Many times it's through online advertising, but there are other methods such as affiliate marketing (like the ads you see on YouTube for VPNs). The best mix depends on your project and goals.

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  • Data Analysis and Optimization

    I understand ads, audiences, conversions, and have over 20 years of experience in optimizing ROI on marketing spend -- whether that's SEO,  PPC or Meta ads.

    The key to this is in-depth data analysis, A/B testing and content optimization.

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  • Sustainable ROI and Scaling

    Once we've found a product line, message, and a cost-effective method of acquiring new customers, then we get to the fun part -- profitability and the potential for scaling. While scaling can be fun, it can also become a means to and end that diminishes profitability.

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  • Bright Light Ventures

    Bright Light Ventures helps early-stage entrepreneurs with mission-based goals to organize their early-stage companies, allowing entrepreneurs to focus more of their time focusing on KPIs and core organizaitonal goals. Part II of the project will involve extensive SEO keyword research and content development (in order to rank) in anticipation of entreprneurial events held in small cities outside of Silicon Valley. These events will be modeled on the successful Health EntrepreneurFX conference held in Austin, Texas.

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  • PaleoFX

    Served as member of the Board of Directors for PaleoFX, the largest paleo fitness conference in the world. Mapped out SEO keyword strategy for purposes of content development, which was farmed out to a team of volunteer bloggers. Managed marketing campaigns primarily focused on email list conversions, and Meta paid advertising. Optimized ecommerce flow and design of website, leading to a 26% improvement in conversions and revenues. Conducted interviews and made hiring recommendations to Board of Directors.

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  • Erik Organic

    Launched and managed operations of a custom-build furniture ecommerce company including logistics and fulfillment, hiring and firing, website design, SEO and paid marketing campaigns. Created highly cost-effective digital ad campaigns drove revenues of over $1,200,000 per year for over a decade at a conversion efficiency ranging from 11%-17%. Optimized keyword ad selection and on-site content for SEO and PPC on a continual basis, adapting to changes in consumer behavior and the competitive environment. Off-site SEO and PR was done on a continual basis. Website ranked for top-tier keywords like 'baby crib' and 'dining room table' at several points during its domain history. The project ended when Amish crafters became non-competitive with Etsy crafters, slowly at first and then all at once.

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